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innisfree offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest ingredients from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island - a volcanic oasis from where innisfree sustainably sources skin-loving, natural ingredients.

innisfree’s proprietary extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, offering advanced formulas that safely address all skin concerns without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

innisfree is dedicated to using natural ingredients embodying Jeju Island’s clean and pure environment, pursuing a sustainable green lifestyle, and seeking harmony between nature and beauty.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a unique oasis that offers a sensorial escape from the fast-paced daily life and a rejuvenating moment to nurture healthy skin in perfect harmony with nature. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile island has a unique ecosystem with unparalleled resources to nurture beautiful skin.

The island’s volcanic soil also makes the land exceptionally fertile, which works in harmony with Jeju’s natural elements—mineral-rich water, ideal precipitation levels and perfect temperatures — to yield superior ingredients.

innisfree has hand-picked over 15 of these natural ingredients for their skin-loving properties, most notably green tea. By responsibly sourcing these ingredients, innisfree also helps protect the local community and their land, ensuring a sustainable relationship with the island.


Our Green Promises

We are passionate about preserving the purity of Jeju Island and committed to replicating our sustainability efforts around the globe, creating a meaningful impact everywhere innisfree is present. We uphold these green promises:

Environment-friendly campaigns

We pledge to care for the earth by promoting everyday green living, and through eco-initiatives such as our bottle recycling programs and environmental conservation efforts.

A focus on responsibly-sourced, naturally-derived ingredients
We vow that our skin care products are formulated with an average of 80% naturally derived ingredients and are safely formulated without harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Giving back
We commit to financially supporting causes that give back to the earth and the community.

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